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Kevin Duffy, Founder of BACHA

BACHA started in 1972 when Kevin Duffy (Boston College), James Ronan (Bentley University) and Manny Carreiro (Wenworth Institute of Technology) came together to discuss issues facing college housing professionals. These casual meetings expanded as the group met three times each semester at different institutions. Based on the need for a group to discuss college housing issues, BACHA continued to grow and expand across the greater Boston area. In 1987, BACHA hosted its first New England Student Affairs Placement Conference (NESAPC) as a way to market professionals and positions in the Boston area.


Today,  BACHA has over 275 individual members at 35 member institutions. It is led by a steering committee of 16 professionals who meet monthly throughout the year. BACHA’s annual events include many regional flagship events, including the annual Entry Level Professionals Workshop, RA Conference, All of the Above Conference, and New England Student Affairs Placement Conference. BACHA also hosts various networking and social events, and continues to collaborate with other regional student affairs professional organizations to bring high quality professional development opportunities to the Boston area. 

Kevin Duffy, founder of BACHA


To provide well-rounded and diverse professional and para-professional development opportunities for housing and residence life educators in the Boston area. This will be accomplished by:


  1. Supporting student development theories and practices in the residence hall setting.

  2. Encouraging the maintenance and improvement of professional standards in the field of housing and residence life.

  3. Annually setting and prioritizing goals and objectives.

  4. Offering a forum for exchange of ideas and information through conferences, committees, projects and general meetings.

Manny Carreiro, Founder of BACHA

Manny Carreiro, founder of BACHA

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