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Entry Level Professionals Workshop

Whether you are a supervisor seeking new opportunities for your staff, or a new professional looking for development in areas such as supervision, balance, adjudicating & addressing conduct hearings or campus politics; this workshop will address all of your needs.  NECPA, MA-NASPA and BACHA have joined forces to bring new professionals (primarily 0-2 years experience) a comprehensive workshop aimed at providing the foundational elements essential to starting and maintaining success in Student Affairs.

This conference is hosted annually in late summer or early fall.

RA Conference

Every year BACHA sponsors a day-long conference for Resident Advisors/Resident Assistants (or equivalent). Traditionally, this event is held on a Saturday in the fall at a college or university that is a member of BACHA. In the past years, over 500 RAs and professional staff members have attended this annual conference. The conference allows RAs to discuss current issues on campuses, network with other students, learn about new programming and community building ideas, and attend special-interest sessions that allow them to develop skills needed to become successful student leaders. Session topics often include diversity topics, LGBT issues, resume building, programming, dealing with challenging environments, alcohol/drug awareness issues, role modeling, and round table discussions. Student Affairs professionals as well as RAs have presented on several topics. We continually encourage students to present.​

This conference is hosted annually in October or November.

All of the Above

The All of the Above (AOTA) conference is sponsored through a consortium of New England's professional organizations and is dedicated to helping new professionals, graduate students, and eager undergraduate students prepare for a career in Student Affairs. Primarily hosted in February, AOTA provides participants with a quality conference experience at a low cost that gives them the opportunity to: 


  • Attend education programs to further their knowledge in the field;

  • Participate in mock interviews with seasoned professionals to hone their interviewing skills;

  • Network with New England professional associations and graduate programs & professionals

New England Student Affairs Placement Conference

The New England Student Affairs Placement Conference (NESAPC) is one of BACHA's signature events. This is a great opportunity for local candidates and employers to job search in a smaller, more relaxed setting. We are proud to say that NESAPC attracts schools not only from the Boston area, but also from greater New England and beyond. New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Vermont, Maryland and Florida have all been represented in recent years. Many fresh graduates, both those who have just completed graduate programs and those coming right out of undergrad,  target this conference as a great way to break into the field. While NESAPC does tend to attract mostly Residence Life positions, all student affairs related job opportunities are welcomed.

This conference is hosted annually in May or June.

Drive-In Workshops, Webinars, and Roundtables

Throughout the course of the year, BACHA offers a variety of free professional development opportunities, including drive-ins, webinars, and roundtables. These are fantastic way to partner with BACHA, network with professionals, and learn from colleagues in the area about best practices. Topics of previous opportunities include: 


  • Integrating Social Media into Residence Life

  • Best Practices in Assessment for Housing Professionals

  • Preparing Graduate Students for a Career in Student Affairs


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