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This page recognizes the Past Presidents of the Boston Area College Housing Association. During their tenure as President, these individuals led the steering board while fulfilling their residence life responsibilities at their home institutions. The operation of BACHA is a team effort, so we recognize the dedication that each of these individuals demonstrated in leading the organization during their time as President.


1994: Kelly Sullivan

1995: Kelly Sullivan

1996: Maureen Owen

1997: Maureen Owen

1998: Beth Moriarty

1999: Beth Mahoney

2000: Jason Buck

2001: Pauline Dubrowski

2002: Anne Ciaradli

2003: Laurel Grady

2004: Sarah Iszard

2005: Brian Duggan

2006: Keyne Cahoon

2007: Allison Gill

2008: Ali Hicks

2009: Kristine Bell

2010: Shelly Keniston

2011: Jenn Forry

2012: Jenn Kosses

2013: Brian Burnham

2014: Greg Mantolesky

2015: Brett Wellman

2016: Kristen Pierce

2017: Kelly Golden

2018: Michael Lynch

2019: Kendra Stokes

2020: Ryan Anderson

2021: Jim Wildason-Ferreri


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